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Edinburgh: City of Print


Edinburgh: City of Print provides online access to the print and publishing collections of Edinburgh Museums & Galleries. At present physical access to the collections is restricted by opening hours and the physical location of the objects in the Edinburgh Museums & Galleries stores.

The project aims to provide a photographic record and detailed description of the wealth of material stored there and the rich heritage of Edinburgh's printing industry. The project is also capturing knowledge of traditional work practices and how machinery was used before it is lost as the industries in which they were common are swept away in the digital revolution.

The project is a partnership between City of Edinburgh Museums and SAPPHIRE (Scottish Archive of Printing and Publishing History Records). The partners have had a working relationship to date in salvaging the industrial history of Edinburgh: Edinburgh Museums & Galleries has collected artefacts while SAPPHIRE has collected oral testimonies and paper and photographic records.

This online provision of a catalogue and more detailed descriptions will provide 24-hour virtual access to the collections and promote widely the existence of the print and publishing collections.

Learn more about the use of Web 2.0 in Edinburgh: City of Print website. 

For more information about the project please contact museumsandgalleries@edinburgh.gov.uk