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Adana Model 2H/s printing machine. Click the rotating images to get a closer look.

Listen to 'A brief description of the Adana Press' (2:03 mins)

The Adana company was based in London and started making presses possibly around the 1920s. They specialised in small units suitable for hobbyists, but many commercial printers made use of them and of course many commercial printers began with an Adana and moved to larger presses later. The presses were all of the letterpress platen type in many variants.

The platen press is a style of printing where the paper rests on a flat surface known as the platen, and is forced against the printing image carrier, which is positioned on another flat surface known as the bed. Adana were absorbed by the Caslon group one of whose specialties is thermography.

This model is a No 2 Adana High Speed Press. There were three models in this series, No. 1, No. 2 and No. 3. They may have commenced production in the 1930s.