D - F
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Glossary D - F

Distribution- the returning of type to its proper compartment in the type case after printing

Em- An em is a unit of measurement in the field of typography, equal to the point size of the current font.
Engraving- drawing or lettering cut into wood or metal and used as a printing plate.  The metal plates were originally intaglio and copper but gave way to steel around 1830

Face- the printing surface of type.  This can also denote the design of a font

Flatbed- a press which has the printing forme on a flat surface, rather than a curved one, usually placed horizontally

Form- a printing form is type and furniture locked in a chase ready for printing

Fount- A collection of all the letters of one size and design of type

Frisket- A device for holding the sheets of paper or card in position on the face of the platen during printing.

Furniture- pieces of wood or metal used in the make-up of a forme where margins or other white spaces are required