M - O
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Glossary M - O

Matrix- in typefounding the mould from which type is cast

Monotype - Monotype composition is a method of producing single pieces of type either as composed matter or for use in the case. The product is obtained with the aid of two separate machines, a keyboard and a casting machine

Mould - In order to cast characters of exact width the monotype mould is a precision piece of engineering.  It is made of steel and is constructed with a moveable blade so that the width of the product is variable.   In this way the body of the type remains uniform to a point size whilst the width is altered to accommodate the different characters.  The mould also has a device to ensure that the spaces are cast lower than type but of variable thickness, but high spaces for stereotyping purposes can be cast if required.  Each point body size of type has to have a separate mould.