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Glossary P - R

Photographic composition- High speed typesetting on a machine using a photographic process instead of casting characters in hot metal.

Pie- Composed type that has become disarranged, or a collection of miscellaneous type

Planer- A flat piece of wood which is lightly struck with a mallet to level printing elements prior to final securing of the chase.

Platen - The flat surface of a printing machine which presses a sheet of paper against the type.

Plates- Illustrations separately printed and inserted in a book when bound.  OR.  The master surfaces from which printing is done.

Printer's Pie- The term used when the type in a job falls over.

Process-engraving- Any of several photo-mechanical methods of producing relief blocks or plates for printing

Proof- a trial print

Reglet-  a strip of oiled wood used for spacing between lines of hot metal type

Quoins- Wood wedges or metal expanding devices used to secure typographical elements in a chase.

Rack- Framework for holding cases of type.

Roller- a cylindrical instrument used to transfer ink from plate to the face of printing type either by hand or as part of a press

Rules, setting- Brass or steel strips, type high, with lug.  Usually 3 points thick, and various lengths in em.