Post-Industrial Printing
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Post-Industrial Printing


In this section:

'A lot of the skill was dependent on the individual,
his hands, his mind, his eyes and his training. 
That gradually was eroded and he became
dependent on sophisticated machines'

The 20th Century in particular saw a complete transformation in the way that printing was undertaken.  The introduction of various incarnations of technologies, and in particular the advent of computers transformed the printing industry. 

The following section charts the evolution of this process and explains how these technologies were used by Edinburgh printers.  Many processes had a limited shelf life as new technologies quickly suprseded old, making expensive machinery redundant as part of the printing process in a modern printing house.  This also meant that the highly skilled printers of Edinburgh had to be adaptable to ensure that their skills and expertise were applicable to ever changing technology.


Watch 'The processes involved in publishing a newspaper in the 20th Century' (8:50min - Silent Film)


Watch a three part film shot in the Scottish Engravers Studio in Glasgow documenting the process from a pencil drawing right through to a finished production of a magazine advertisement.