Ariston Elka
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Ariston Elka


This film in three parts shows the work of Ariston Elka factory in Dresden.  Little is known about this film or the company itself.  The address book for Dresden notes a R. Frister AG located at "Chemnitzer Str. 28" in 1924/25. In the following year 1925/25 the "Werkzeug-Maschinenfabrik Ariston AG" is given at the same location, the name of its chairman was Mr. "Robert Horn". In 1926/27 and 1927/28 Mr. "Moritz K. Bartsch" is quoted as chairman. In 1929 the name of the company changed to "Ariston-Elka Maschinenfabrik AG". The chairman was Mr. Franz Schwabach. In the following this entry keeps unchanged until the publishing of the last address-book in 1943/44.   The "R. Frister AG" was located in Berlin and it was founded in 1906 producing devices for heating and cooking with gas. In 1932 Frister was a shareholder of Ariston-Elka.

(8:32 min - Silent Film)


(7:28 min - Silent Film)


(7:30 min - Silent Film)