Edinburgh Trades Delegate Council
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Edinburgh Trades Delegates and Trade Union Council


Trades' Federation - Edinburgh Branch Banner

By the 1880s unions of unskilled workers had grown in strength.  These new unions were less defensive than the older craft unions, advocating industrial activity with the use of strike action,  Their rise marked the development of a new militancy.  The Edinburgh Trades Delegates and Trade Union Council was mentioned in the descriptions of the Reform Jubilee and is one of the oldest trade councils in Britain.  By the 1860s its aim was 'the advancement and protection of the rights of labour and the wellbeing of the working classes generally'. 

The Council was involved with issues concerning employment and labour laws, working conditions and social reforms.  It was not until the 1880s that it encouraged the organisation of unskilled workers and women.  In 1900 it merged with the Scottish Trades Union Council.

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