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National Union of Printing, Bookbinding and Paper Workers (NUPBW)


This union was formed in 1928 and was the first instance of a national union which included virtually all of the printing trades.  The NUPBW later became absorbed into SOGAT.

The 1964 General Rules for the government of the National Union of printing, bookbinding and paper workers state that:

'The objects for which this union is established are to obtain 100% organisation, provide funds for the protection of the trade, the rights and privileges of its members, the safeguarding of their interests in respect to hours of labour, the settlement of disputes by any lawful means, to maintain the trade union wage of the district, to provide assistance to its members in search of work, to provide legal aid and to assist its members in distress, to provide them with a pension in old age and the payment at death of a free member, or his wife, or her husband, of the amount provided by these rules to make such grants, donations or loans from the funds of the union to such persons, bodies or institutes or organisations as the National Executive Council may think fit and to promote the general welfare of its members'.