Society of Master Printers
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Society of Master Printers


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The Scottish Alliance of Masters in the Printing and Kindred Trades was formed at a meeting in the North British Hotel ( now the Balmoral ),Edinburgh on 8 November, 1910 to represent the interests of printing employers throughout Scotland.  It comprised a number of local associations such as Edinburgh and Glasgow (at whose instigation the Federation was formed).

"Employers" was substituted for "Masters" at the AGM on 25 March, 1919. In 1952 it became the Scottish Alliance of Master Printers; in 1960 the Society of Master Printers of Scotland.

The organisation had a membership which had responsibility for around 90% of the Scottish print workforce.  The Master Printers dealt with all matters affecting the industry in Scotland, including wage negotiations and employment conditions.  The administrative office was located in York Place, Edinburgh. As well as performing a valuable role for print employer's it also fulfilled a social role and held an annual golf tournament as well as having a sub-group the Young Master Printers for sons of Master Printers.

The Master Printers became the Scottish Print Employers Federation located in Palmeston Place, Edinburgh and then Graphic Enterprise Scotland.